BEGA has developed and produced high-quality luminaires for almost all areas of architecture for more than six decades. During this time, products, their concept and trademarks have become a generic term for many luminaires in the entire industry. The light brick trademark has formed part of our programme for over 50 years. BEGA focused on in-ground lighting intensively for more than 40 years. Producer have established many of the valid criteria which are used as the basis for judging the quality of this group of luminaires.

BEGA is familiar with the extreme conditions outdoor luminaires are subject to. They are exposed to dirt, weather factors and extreme fluctuations in temperature. More than any other luminaires, they are required to withstand a high degree of physical stress. BEGAs have created the best technology and production processes to more than meet these requirements. They were not the result of a series of regulations but of their learning process, and form an integral part of quality concept. This know-how is part of BEGA experience and defines their daily approach to the development of new luminaires and new product ideas.


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